The Biggest Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

You probably already know that it’s a huge mistake to go to bed without washing your face right? But did you know there are other everyday habits that can severely damage your skin? According to skin professionals, we have compiled a list of the biggest mistakes you may be making in skincare. Prepare to surprise yourself! You will, however, thank us later.

Mistake 1: You use products one on top of another. Let’s face it; we’ve all done this at some point. You hear a sound commercial or an excellent review of a product and immediately think that you need to use it. Before you know it, your beauty kit includes toners, scrubs, retinol, cleansers, moisturisers and many more. Not only is applying all those products time to consume, but you get the risk of irritating your skin. You should just use up to 3 or 4 products at a time. All you require for a solid routine is a good cleanser, daily sunscreen and a targeted treatment product for your main issues, such as an acne treatment or anti-ageing serum. You do not need to waste time and money on an extensive list of products; a few will be enough.

If you are continually thinking of using a new cream or mask that you recently bought, keep it out of your reach so you can rarely use it. Harsh scrubs and toners should only be used 2 to 3 times a week. For fast results, the answer is not more products; you may need a different solution such as dermal fillers to boost the appearance of your skin really.

Mistake 2: You miss out on sleep and water. There’s a reason why you look terrible after a night of partying. Rest and hydration are essential for skin health. Not drinking enough water can leave your skin thirsty, making it dull and dry. Make sure to drink enough water every day and sleeping a little earlier will help keep your skin glowing. Your diet and eating healthy take-home meals is also critical. Skip the takeout and have fresh food that is nutrient and water rich. Sleep is so essential for skin turnover and blood volume coming to the skin, and therefore its overall appearance. It just makes all the difference in the world. Look and stay fresh by aiming for the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

Mistake 3: You choose products that try to do too many things when there is a product that does a single thing better. The problem with products like these is that they are unlikely to contain enough ingredients to live up to all their claimed effects. Women are now tending to use products that multitask because they are convenient. Unfortunately, that means choosing products with more and often irritating ingredients that do not always work together. Look at the ingredients label and check the first three ingredients. Anything after the first three doesn’t do much, stick to products with lesser ingredients that are targeting a specific issue.

Mistake 4: You put on products a little haphazardly. Little did we know that it matters which products you put on first, which ones you mix and what time you apply them. When using multiple products in your routine, start with treatment-based products such as an acne treatment, then apply moisturiser. Lastly, use harsher products like retinol at night since they make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Mistake 5: You leave your makeup on at the gym. We know some people might be a little nervous working out bare-faced, but your skin will thank you for it. Even mineral makeup formulas that promise not to clog your pores can still cause a break out after sweating profusely. Keep a tissue in your gym bag or wet wipes to remove your make up in the gym. Still nervous? Wear a basic tinted moisturiser that’s oil free.

Mistake 6: You’re skipping daily sunscreen. The most crucial step not to miss on a daily basis is using an SPF. Not only can it protect you against a painful sunburn and skin cancer, but new research found that people who use sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher daily have younger looking skin. Sunscreen is no longer thick and painful to wear; there are many moisturisers that double up and have SPF in them, making them a lightweight formula. In this particular scenario, you can use moisturiser work as a sunscreen. If you plan to stay in the sun for a long time, be sure to put on something a bit stronger (SPF 30 or higher).

And FINALLY, not enough patience.
You need months to see good results in your new skincare regime. It may seem that skin seems unsettled, to begin with. It’s nothing to worry about, sometimes your skin needs to get used to ingredients with Glycolic Acid, Vitamin A Acid and a huge dose of Vitamin C. Introduce products one at a time, so your skin doesn’t get too overwhelmed. If you need guidance with your skincare routine or want to target a problem spot, see your skin doctor or dermatology clinic for expert advice.

Just be patient, and your skin will become more beautiful. We are sure that without these mistakes your skin will be in much better condition.